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Engraving Tools

This engraving tool is supplied with a tip diameter (D1) of 0.1 mm. You may customise the tip diameter with the DATRON diamond lapping tool, Art. No. 0068298.

  • Micrograin solid carbide engraving tool
  • with single flute
  • conic tool tip
  • shank without clamping surface DIN 6535-HA

Countersunk Tool

  • Micrograin solid carbide countersunk tool
  • with three to four flutes
  • centre cut
  • shank without clamping surface DIN 6535-HA

Cutting Diamond

Spring-mounted cutting diamond for jewellery engraving, suitable for metals such as gold, silver, brass, tin, aluminium (e.g. colour-anodized).

For engraving work pieces with a curved surface, a sharp angle of 90 degrees should be selected. Otherwise, a sharp angle of 120 degrees is recommended (higher tool life)
Shank: 6 mm
Length: 58 mm