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PR 0400 Parts


Flexible and powerful at a small price

The PR 0400 dispensing system offers innovative dispensing technology with a versatile application range at an attractive price. The machine system is especially designed for applications with small batch sizes, such as in laboratory operation, in prototype construction or for small series production. The focus is on applications where optimum dispensing quality, together with process reliability, are demanded.

Product advantages

  • Autonomous 3 axes portal system with small floor space
  • Dispensing head with patented volume control and 3D control
  • Simple programming via Windows-based menu interface
  • High flexibility thanks to the modular structure of all dispensing components
  • Module clamping technique: Minimum set-up times and exact reproducibility of the workpiece holder
  • Special VDispenser software for optimum start/stop transitions

Applications area

  • For bonding applications and liquid seals in the laboratory area or for small series production
  • For machining small to medium-sized parts
  • In all production areas where constant precision is required
  • For all conventional 1K materials; 2K upon request