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PR 0500 Parts


Volumetric Dispensing Machine with small workspace

With the new generation of constant-volume dispensing systems DATRON sets the standard in the field of industrial dispensing for small and medium-sized components. At the heart of the dispensing system there are different, exchangeable dispensing heads which can apply a large range of dispensing and materials and adhesives. With the special DATRON accessories, e.g. module clamping systems or CAD/CAM software, set-up times are drastically reduced and productivity significantly increased. Further features such as the automatic nozzle compensation or the XYZ sensor lead to very high process reliability and repeatability also when dispensing critical components.

Product advantages

  • Autonomous 3 axes portal system with small floor space
  • Dispensing head with patented volume control and fast 3D control system
  • Easy programming via Windows-based PC control and CAD/CAM interface
  • High flexibility thanks to modular set-up of all dispensing components
  • Module clamping technique: Minimum set-up time and exact repeatability of the work piece holding fixtures
  • Special VDispenser software for optimum Start/Stop areas

Applications area

  • For adhesives and fluid sealants in industrial applications
  • For the dispensing of small to medium-sized components
  • In all dispensing areas which require constant precision
  • For all standard 1C materials; 2C on enquiry

DATRON 1K-Multifoam

DATRON solution for soft,
foamed gaskets!

The DATRON 1K Multifoam is the perfect solution for dispensing foam beads with unsurpassed fineness and process reliability. Thanks to the physical foaming with atmospheric air, a mossy rubber-like seal is applied on the spot - without any mixing or rinsing. Cleaning operations or blind shots are no longer necessary, even during longer periods of no operation, thereby providing high machine availability. The seals are fully resilient within a few minutes, thanks to thermal hardening (5 - 10 minutes at 80 °C). Alternatively, RTV-systems are available.

Product advantages

No mixing required

  • High machine availability
  • No blind shots
  • No rinsing


  • High resilience
  • Compensation of housing tolerances
  • Low surface pressure


  • Diameter starting from circa 1 mm possible
  • Closed-cell
  • Free choice of container sizes

Applications and materials


  • For liquid seals in industrial applications
  • Silicone-free seals
  • Silicone seals
  • Other materials upon request
  • Also suitable for smaller lot numbers


  • Free according to the application
  • Material supplier: universal