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Dispensing system accessories

Increased effectiveness with DATRON accessories

The extraordinarily high dispensing quality, which is reached independently of the traversing speed, is the most significant feature of DATRON dispensing systems. Often, however, the programming, sensors, variety of system uses and other "set-up times" have a crucial effect on the production efficiency. For this reason, DATRON develops efficient accessories for effective and, therefore, profitable work.

Many of the components shown here are a result of many years of experience with the process-sure processing of adhesives and sealants and other dispensable materials. The perfected and practical design guarantees their simple and efficient use in your daily manufacturing practice.

Needle adjustment

Needle tolerances compensated automatically

The dispensing result is mostly determined by the correct centred position of the tip of the needle. To compensate for the tolerances, any deviations have to be measured after every needle change. The XYZ dispensing needle adjustment involves a fully automatic sensor for aligning the dispensing needle position along all three coordinate axes. Via a mechanical probe and two forked light barriers, deviations from the actual dispensing axis are determined in the length, as well as in the bend of the dispensing needle and are compensated automatically by the software. The sensor is programmed with a dispensing macro. A corresponding example macro is included in delivery.

XYZ sensor

Three-dimensional probe sensor

Simply swivel into the work area and increase the production quality within seconds, or just check the dimensional stability:

We navigate quickly, simply and easily over all obstacles with the DATRON XYZ sensor. With the help of this sensor, a measurement field in the Z plane is generated in a freely definable reference grid. This way, workpiece surfaces or reference surfaces can be measured and deviations in Z can be recorded and automatically corrected. The dispensing nozzle is guided according to the recorded offset using this technology, which guarantees the optimum dispensing height at all times. The measurement fields can be saved and loaded again later, as needed.

Workpiece Sensor

for non-pure production

The workpiece sensor is an inductive proximity switch, which reacts to different codes on the workpiece support. In in-line mode, this sensor makes it possible to machine different parts with one machine; thus a non-pure production is possible.

The sensor automatically detects the code on a workpiece support and allocates it to a certain program.

Up to seven different codes can be detected with a triple-sensor.

Level sensor

Monitoring the cartridge contents

The level sensor continuously monitors the level of the material to be dispensed and ensures that the storage tank is exchanged in time. A magnetic sensor detects the piston position of the pneumatic cylinder here, which exerts preliminary pressure on the material to be dispensed. Once a previously defined position has been reached, the sensor gives a signal indicating that the cartridge should be exchanged soon.

Technical Data:

  • Size: 8 x 11 x 28 mm (W x H x D)

Distance sensor

Laser capture of the components

The distance sensor is an accessory, which helps the dispensing process approach the maximum in process security.

The distance sensor is fixed to the dispensing head and measures the distance to the dispensing part before the be-ginning of the dispensing program. This is done using a laser probe, which determines the distance with a precision of ± 0.1 mm.

If the measured distance does not correspond to a given tolerance, because, for example, the dispensing part is not positioned correctly, an error message appears. In dispensing mode, a missing or not exactly positioned part is left out.


iVD Control Software

The highly efficient operation of the dispensing system is effected by a Windows-based menu interface. It offers convenient functions for set-up, fast programming e. g. in Teach-In-Mode and rapid download of 3D CNC files of any size. For a quick data exchange the machine is equipped with a USB 2.0 and a 100 MBit network connection as well as a CAD/CAM interface.

DATRON Software Saves Time

A fast CAD/CAM data transfer and an easy-to use machine software: This is how you save time! DATRON's machining systems offer a practice-oriented machine software, a fast and easy-to-use CAD/CAM software and interfaces to all standard 2D and 3D CAD programms.