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Tool Accessories

Collet Chucks for HF Spindles

Collet chucks for DATRON high-frequency spindles. The article numbers of the collet chucks ending with "D" are only suited for 2 kW spindles.

Service Kit for HF Spindles

Service kit for the cleaning and greasing of the spindle. We recommend to clean the collet chuck within the spindle at least once a week according to the instructions of the manual.

Tool Change Station

Accessories for the automatic tool change. The tool change stations can be supplied in different tool diameter sizes.

Face Milling Tool

This HSK-E 25 based monoblock tool has been developed for highly efficient milling over and is moved sideways. Solid carbide replaceable cutting inserts are available for various materials.

  • Monoblock tool
  • with three replaceable cutting inserts
  • based on HSK

Expendable Materials


This paperboard serves as the "sacrificial layer" during vacuum clamping. This special fabric structure distributes the vacuum homogeneously and ensures a uniform suction force over the entire clamping surface.

  • distributes vacuum homogeneously
  • uniform suction force
  • format matches the DATRON vacuum plates


The patented VacuCard++ is based on the standard VacuCard and has a grid-like adhesive structure. Thanks to this special adhesive layer, the VacuCard++ has a considerably higher combined clamping force and fixes even small, light parts with high process reliability.

  • grid-like adhesive layer
  • delicate parts are firmly clamped
  • homogeneous vacuum distribution
  • format matches the DATRON vacuum plates