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The 3D sensor consists of a measuring head with evaluation electronics, a swivelling mechanism with precision bearing, as well as operating and evaluation software. The sensor can be used for quick referencing or measuring in every machining phase. The sensor is mounted on the Z axis and the measurement is performed when the sensor swivels from its home position to the measuring position. The capacitive measuring principle, which has been registered for a patent, ensures high repeatability as well as measurement accuracy. The sensor is easily operated with through menu-controlled software. After the measurement is performed, offsetting occurs directly in the control software without any loss of real time.

XYZ Sensor

The "Online" quality system

Simply swivel into the work area and increase the production quality within seconds, or check the dimensional stability: With the sensor XYZ, you can consistently optimise your method of production. With our DATRON 3D sensor we will navigate you quickly, easily and conveniently over all obstacles.



  • Precice depth machining by compensating material and clamping tolerances
  • Perfect engraving without lenghty set up times
  • Accurate measurement of workpieces in X, Y, and Z direction
  • Exact machining even of curved surfaces


  • Less rejects
  • Cost savings by significant reduction of set-up times
  • Higher Quality machining results

Precision sensor TP-D

Sensor type TP-D is designed for medium precision measurements, for instance, to achieve a constant engraving depth. The measurement accuracy is ± 0.05 mm.
The basic version of both sensors can be used for program-controlled Z measurement. With the software extension "TP-3D", the CNC program can be extended by additional cycles for probing edges and determining centres.

Precision sensor TP-R

Compared to the TP-D sensor, the TP-R sensor has a lower probing force and offers a higher measurement accuracy of ± 0.01 mm.

The TP-R probe head increases the process safety as it is attached to the housing with a magnet coupling and is moved if the force is too high, protecting the sensor against damage.