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CNC Rotary Axes

Economical multi-side machining

DATRON rotary axes are used for accurate multi-side machining of precise mechanical parts. Small electrodes, circular engravings, or also jewellery moulding are typical examples of application areas for these rotary axes. All DATRON rotary axes are supplied with an integrated servo positioning unit and auxiliary software. Our machines can also be retrofitted with rotary axes without any problems.


Rotary/Swivel Table for M8 Cube/M10 Pro

The massive unit consists of a horizontally aligned swivel axis in a U design, which supports the compact rotary table with a face plate diameter of 135 mm. Five workpiece sides can be machined in one set-up. The DATRON control also supports complex five-axis simultaneous machining here.

Multi-rotary axis

This newly developed axis offers a particularly high degree of accuracy while machining precise mechanical parts. It has been designed for M8 and M9 machines. The swivel axis can be turned up to 300 degrees, and the rotary axis does not have a limit stop. The axial and radial run-out accuracy is 0.01mm. The positioning and repetitive accuracy values are within the lower angular second range. The unit corresponds to safety class IP54 and weighs approx. 8.4 kg. Its dimensions are 202 x 230 x 130 (L x W x H in mm) and the height of centres is 75 mm.


Precision rotary axes

For applications in which workpieces have to be turned in front of the vertical clamping surface of M3 or M8 Datron machines.This axis, whose robust gear mechanism runs in an oil bath, is very accurate and has almost no backlash. The axis has a resolution of 360,000 steps/revolution and is supplied with a SK40 holding fixture. Its dimensions are 148 mm x 352 mm x 185 mm (W x H x D). The figure on the left shows a combination of the precision rotary axis and the compact rotary axis. This combination makes a turning and swivel operation possible.

Compact rotary axis

This compact rotary axis can be used for all applications which require turning on the horizontal machine table. The holding fixture has been designed for collet chucks of the type EX32 with inner diameter of 3 to 20 mm. With a resolution of 64,000 steps/revolution, this rotary axis is ideal for machining cylindrical bodies, circular engraving, and for rotational milling or general multi-side machining.

Compact rotary axis with tailstock

The compact rotary axis with tailstock offers comfortable handling as well as the highest possible manufacturing accuracy. It is particularly suitable for complete machining of long workpieces or drilling in the radial direction. The rotary axis with tailstock is mounted on a module clamping plate, which minimizes set-up times and also guarantees a high positioning accuracy.