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Tool Changing Systems

DATRON offers customized tool changing systems for each machining system. According to the spindle type applied they are available in versions for direct shank clamping or HSK clamping cones. The tool length can be automatically compensated thanks to the DATRON tool length sensor.


Tool changer built-in version TC-E

The automatic tool changer accomodates 15 tools per magazine with shaft clamping. A cover protects the tools from dirt and chips and folds up automatically during tool changes. An integrated tool length sensor automatically measures the tools.


Standard TC-S

The tool changer system TC-S is designed for direct shank clamping and is available with 5 or 10 individual stations. A precise mechanical sensor for tool length measurement is built in.



Z-Nano Tool Probing

The Z-Nano™ precision probing head allows tool lengths to be measured quickly, precisely and automatically, as well as a wide variety of tools to be checked.

The functional principle with linear guidance is absolutely free of transverse forces, so that even sensitive and very small tools can be measured. The precise tool length sensor Z-Nano™ can be used to the machine systems M8, M35, M7, ML, MV and M10.



DATRON Renishaw NC4-F115

Compact laser module with integrated transmitter and receiver. Fast, precise and automatic, contact-free tool measurement and breakage detection on turning tool.

The times for tool measurement can be reduced by up to 90%. The automatic tool breakage control ensures reliable manufacturing in fully automatic location.